Convergence Ortho

Presenting the V01

It is with a great amount of pride we are pleased to announce the formal incorporation and launch of Convergence Medical Pty Ltd.  Founded in Brisbane, Australia by a team of professionals who live and breath orthopaedics and specialise in robotics and medical device innovation.
The founding team is a group of doctors and engineers dedicated to advancing arthroscopy. Over the past decade we have continued to see the importance of arthroscopy and have realised the benefits possible from minimal invasive care.
Arthroscopy is a major part of clinical care. Used to treat over 50 million patients every year. However, the practice is limited and burdened by issues. The Convergence team believes that this is not good enough and through the development of our flagship V01 robot we are working to make this better.
The V01-Arthroscopic Surgical Robot is the world’s first arthroscopic robot. Designed to meet the full suite of operative requirements and possessing a wide range of revolutionary features.
The platform is equipped with 3 halo mounted high precision robotic arms, boasting 21 degrees of freedom. All motors have onboard controllers facilitating continuous system mapping and advance speed and force control. Each arm has integrated inflow and outflow control, regulating joint temperature, pressure and flow. The system supports both RF ablation and shaving, providing a wide range of surgical actions.
Associated instruments are fully sterile and single use. The arthroscope probe has a soft tip design to improve illumination and decrease the risk of cartilage damage. Graspers, bitters and probes include a low profile intrinsic wrist to unlock full potential of surgical access.
The V01 supports concurrent control through both a user console and VR headset. Designed to place the surgeon in the joint and support their full potential by supporting untethered control with their own hands. Whilst the surgeon is operating other healthcare staff can assist, facilitated by the paired console.
With the development of our world first system the V01 – Arthroscopic Surgical Robot, we are building the future that healthcare deserves.