Convergence Ortho

Convergence Medical

Convergence Medical a Brisbane based surgical robotics developer, known for the creation of the V01-Arthoscopic Surgical Robot is proud to announce the successful completion of our seed round.
The round was led by Angel Loop, who both coordinated the roadshow and investor introductions. The invested funds will be used to support the completion of the second generation V01 system, prior to investor demonstration and subsequent fundraising in late 2023.
Both companies report that “we are extremely happy with the completion of this important milestone and the outlook for the future”. It is believed that this accomplishment will transform Convergence and allow us to continue to pursue our mission of advancing the practice of arthroscopy.
Arthroscopy is a major part of clinical care, used to treat over 50 million patients per year. As such we believe that the work being undertaken within Convergence is of the utmost importance. The Convergence team believes that it is not good enough to stand by and let the shortcomings of minimal invasive surgery continue. This milestone allows us to make a difference, it allows us to continue to work towards building the future that healthcare deserves.
On behalf of Convergence and our partners we would like to thank Angel Loop and all the supporters of the Seed Round.